A robust, purpose-built database is the backbone of many successful 21st century websites. The days of simple brochures are growing short while complex, data-driven sites prosper.

Twist are the forefront of this movement. We offer custom database solutions, CRMs and API development for companies large and small. Whether you’re after stock management, an intuitive shopping system or track and trace management, we have you covered.

We provide:

  • GDPR compliant data management
  • Shopping cart systems
  • Secure customer logins
  • Class and event booking systems
  • 3rd party API integration
  • Round the clock support, growth and maintenance

This can be done as a standalone internal CRM for your company, or as an add-on to your publicfacing website.

GDPR compliant databases

What sets database work apart from a ‘traditional’ website?

bespoke web development

We build excellent websites as standard. Some are simpler, showcasing beautiful designs that represent your business to the public. Other websites require in-depth databases to meet complex requirements. Examples include:

  • E-commerce websites that store customers' delivery and billing info
  • Forums and membership sites with hidden content for registered users
  • Websites that rely on information from external sources (an API)

Our database treatment works in tandem with web development; the two are intertwined into a uniform system that’s built for your business. Our team are well-versed in modern relational database languages.

Needless to say, we work to impeccably high security and privacy standards; our databases are built to safeguard sensitive information, protecting both your business and customers to strict GDPR standards.

3rd Party APIs

Want to integrate a 3rd party service in your website or CRM? No problem! We are happy to develop custom code that works seamlessly with other systems and have done so for many of our clients. Common integrations include:

  • Card payment processors
  • Online booking systems
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Information databases
  • Video conferencing software

This means you can continue to use your favourite software while benefiting from the horsepower of popular services like Stripe, Mailchimp, Zoom or Eventbrite. If a Saas company offer an API, we’ll work with it!

bespoke web development
bespoke web development

Customer relationship management (CRM)

The way you manage data is crucial to growing your business. Lead acquisition, sales, stock management and aftercare intertwine throughout the customer lifecycle. A good CRM nurtures the relationship between service provider and customer, ensuring they stay engaged and remain loyal for many happy years.

We build CRMs that capture, manage and analyse data that's unique to your business. Whether for track and trace, sales or online membership, we’ll devise a solution from the ground up, Examples include:

  • Subscription services for an online magazine
  • Marketing preferences for an alcohol distributor
  • Sales and stock management for an e-commerce store
  • Event booking details for a local theatre
  • Support ticketing for Saas companies

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